Braveheart Nairobi

“Nairobi” — Born November 8th of 2021

Nairobi is a very sweet cat with the most expressive eyes. With her rounded ears, nice rosettes, and excellent temperament (among many more great qualities!), she would have made a great queen for my cattery. Unfortunately, she developed severe pyometra after just one litter, and had to be emergency spayed to prevent a possible rupture. I did not want to risk letting it continue to worsen while I waited to get her in with a vet that could try to treat it non-surgically. Nairobi still lives here as my pet.


Kanpur sauvage of shurwin


Sauvage was the male of my first breeding pair. He has had kittens with Trinity, Nairobi, and Impressa. Paired with Trinity, the kittens always had his striking contrast and large, sometimes clouded, rosettes. Sauvage is now back at the cattery I got him from, and I hope he is making beautiful and healthy kittens there.



jungletrax dappled mothwing

“Speckles” — Born

March 8th of 2023

Speckles was originally meant to be a breeding cat. He has many of the features I desire going forward with my cattery. Even though things didn’t work out as I planned, I have kept Speckles as a neutered pet. He is possibly my most intelligent cat, with a uniquely majestic look. 


Impressa x Sauvage – Split litter born September 26th and october 1st of 2023

Braveheart Nairobi x kanpur sauvage of shurwin – born february 6th of 2023



Shurwin trinity x kanpur sauvAge of shurwin – bOrn june 21st of 2022


Kitten “yellow”

Kitten “green”


kitten “Blue”


kitten “purple”



Shurwin trinity x kanpur sauvaGe of shurwin – born january 4th of 2022


female #1

female #2

Male kitten