Shurwin trinity x Kanpur Sauvage of shurwin — Born june 21 of 2022

Four healthy kittens were born on June 21st! All four are males, and are brown/black with rosettes, with coats full of glitter.


puRple collar kitTen – Male – AVailable – $2500

These photos are from six weeks of age. This is a stunning kitten! The rosettes are separating nicely, with distinct rosettes along the back. This kitten also has abundant coat “glitter” and lovely contrast. This kitten will be a beauty!

This kitten is one of calmer two. Like all kittens, he loves to play and run about, but also enjoys relaxing on us humans’ laps.


Green Collar kitten – male – Available – $2500  

The photos are from six weeks of age. This kitten has a nice warm tone, which is especially visible on the head and face. This kitten has large tri-color rosettes. The tail is short – ideal for the bengal breed – and the contrast is high between colors!

This is one of the calmer two kittens. He is active with his siblings, but also enjoys resting on his human family.


Blue collar kitten – Male – available – $2000

The photos are from six weeks of age. This kitten has a lovely warm tone, short tail, and striking contrast! The rosettes on this one are particularly large, and very open in the center on both sides.

This is a very active, playful, and outgoing kitten! He is very high energy and would probably do great with another high-energy and friendly cat, perhaps one of his litter mates.

Yellow collar kitten – male – Available – $2200

Photos are from six weeks of age. He has large rosettes and great contrast – both features which will be enhanced with age in all my kittens! He has beautiful rings around his tail, and glitter that sparkles under bright light

This is a very active kitten. He may be my most adventurous out of this litter. He enjoys playing both with his brothers and with the humans.

If you want to reserve/hold one of these boys, I am asking $200 which will go towards the full price of the kitten. Please note, this in nonrefundable unless something happens to the kitten before it is ready to leave. 

Please see my  information page to learn more about my kittens.

Shurwin trinity x Kanpur Sauvage of shurwin — Born January 4th of 2022


Female #1 — SOLD

Female #2 — SOLD

Female 2 here is a flawless example of the appearance I am striving to breed. Large “clouded” rosettes, very light and clear background color, high contrast, and warm tones inside the rosettes. I hope for more like her.


Male #1 — SOLD