Fine Print Bengals Cattery

My cattery is in-home, with my breeding cats also being beloved pets. This helps ensure that my kittens will have outstanding temperaments, as the mother will allow human contact with her babies from day one. All my cats – both kittens and adults – are handled and played with on a daily basis. 

My cats are never caged. My cats roam the house freely with the exception of young kittens, nursing mothers, and pregnant cats that are due to give birth soon.

FinePrintBengal is a TICA registered cattery, and all litters are registered with this organization. My breeding cats are also registered with TICA. 


What Kind of markings do i aim to produce?

I have decided to focus on the traditional coat color — brown/black rosetted. Many bengal breeders seem to be gravitating towards new trends in coloration and coat, such as snow, charcoal, silver, and even marbled. I am preserving the original coloration, while building on the rosettes characteristic of the breed.

There are several types of markings in bengals, including single-spotting, rosettes, and marbling. I have always had rosetting on all my cats and kittens. There are variations of rosettes, such as arrowhead rosettes, paw print rosettes, and donut rosettes. Typically, my kittens have donut rosettes – large with thick dark borders. Depending on traits of the parents of a litter, some kittens may have smaller rosettes.

Some of my kittens would be considered “clouded,” with exceptionally large but distinct rosettes, reminiscent of a clouded leopard. This was my preference when I began breeding. I also have a preference for light and clear background coats, which contrast strongly with the warm tones of the rosette centers. 

With the addition of my newest adult bengal, Impressa, and my newest kitten addition, Penelope, I am hoping to begin producing wild, exotic features in my kittens aside from the markings. Exotic head shapes, prominent whisker pads and nose-leathers, short and thick tails, small round ears, etc. 

Appearances aside, I also strive to produce cats of sound health. I work to keep my home flea-free, and all adult cats are kept up to date on vaccinations, including the household tabby cat. All of my cats (and the border collie dog) regularly visit the veterinarian for check-ups and preventative care. None of my cats are allowed to roam outside freely at any time, preventing contact with the associated dangers of disease, harsh weather, traffic, and aggressive animals.


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