New Male coming soon!.

Female: Camelotslb Impressa of jungletrAx (“impressa”)

Born July 3rd of 2019

Impressa is a very sweet cat with quite a wild-looking face, no full-length vertical markings (“rib bars”), and a great bengal structure. She has a medium length thick tail, longer back legs than front, and good musculature. She has a great temperament. Impressa is very affectionate,  and not the least bit shy – not even toward strangers. She loudly purrs and chatters often.

I will have her HCM screened before her next litter, and will post her results here.


Female: Shurwin Trinity 

Born December 5th of 2019

Trinity has beautiful, defined rosettes and excellent contrast. These are traits which she passes on to her kittens. Trinity has given me two litters of stunning kittens, with the most recent born in July 2022. I will be retiring her from breeding in mid-to-late 2024. I hope for one more litter before then, but I think she is finished with being a mother. After spay, I might offer her as a pet where she won’t be stressed by other female cats. You can view her previous kittens on my Past Kittens page!

She was one of my first pair of bengals. At the time, her beautiful, flashy colors and large rosettes attracted me. While I still think she is a remarkably beautiful cat, she does not possess many of the qualities I want to breed in the future. That being said, she was a great mother and had the healthiest, friendliest kittens.

Female: Fineprintbengal Penelope

Born March 5th of 2024

Penelope is my keeper kitten from a recent litter. I may change her name -she has not yet been TICA registered so I still have time to decide. Pictures coming soon.