New to fineprintbengal cattery!

Male: Jungletrax Dappled mothwing (born 3/8/2023)


Better pictures and outdoor pictures coming soon!


Female: Camelotslb Impressa of jungletrax (BORN 7/3/2019)





Shurwin Trinity 

Born December 5th of 2019

Trinity has beautiful, defined rosettes and excellent contrast. These are traits which she passes on to her kittens. Trinity has given me two litters of stunning kittens, with the most recent born in July 2022.  I would love to breed her again soon. For now, you can view her previous kittens on my Past Kittens page!


braveheart nairobi – spayed/retired

Born november 8th of 2021

Nairobi has a nice warm tone and beautiful markings. She also has the largest, most expressive eyes! Nairobi has an amazing temperament – she is super sweet and affectionate, and also playful and intelligent.

Nairobi gave birth to her first and only litter on February 6th 2023. Unfortunately, she had to be emergency-spayed in June due to severe pyometra.

Genetic testing done through Optimal Selection – Feline. Nairobi was negative for all concerning variants. Full results can be viewed here.

KanPur sauvage of shurwin

Born september 15th of 2019

Sauvage is my only male. He has very large rosettes, and nice contrast. I may be retiring him soon to focus on smaller rosettes, and better bengal structure.